Demonstrating SEN pupil progress

If you assess using P Scales/NC levels, the simplest, and quite probably cheapest, option for any school is to use CASPA as it provides comparisons against its own rich benchmarking as well as reporting of progress against targets.

Benchmarking is ideal as it allows you to compare a pupil against a statistically significant similar group of pupils.  However, this is not possible if you adopt another assessment framework – the volumes of data are just too small to generate a large enough data set to provide statistically reliable benchmarks.

As a result, if you assess using other measures, either instead of or as well as P Scales/NC levels, you will think about reporting progress in a different way.  So, what do you do?

You need to find an approach that works for you.  That is, it must include at least the following:

  • Enables staff to teach and support pupils, to assess pupils formally at a summative level, and links to formative assessment
  • Simple data recording, to avoid teaching staff having a laborious and unnecessarily time-consuming task
  • Aggregation of data across the school, avoiding re-entry of data where possible
  • Feedback to teaching staff to support pupil progress reviews, target setting and tracking, etc
  • Reporting for middle and senior management
  • Reporting that supports key whole-school activities such as self evaluation, Governor reporting and use in inspections

And all of this must meet the needs of your school and your pupils.  This makes your requirements unique and means that what works for the school down the road, is not necessarily going to work for you!

Let us help you to define your requirements and guide you along the way to end up with a tool that supports your needs.  We are firm believers that if a school has the technical expertise to develop their own tool, then that should be the preferred route as you can make endless improvements quickly as you evolve your systems, but we may be able to also help with this activity if required.

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