SEF, Governor & Ofsted reporting

Self evaluation, although a specific task, requires analysis of pupil progress that can also be used for other tasks, eg Governor presentations and Oftsed inspections.

Schools often fret about what they should be addressing and what they should be presenting.  It is also a good idea to do the job once and use it for multiple purposes – why produce something for self evaluation, something different for Governors and different again for Ofsted?

It is often difficult to see the wood for all the trees.  IT systems can produce what seems like an infinite variety of reporting, and you certainly don’t need or want it all.  So what do you need?

Let us help you to:

  • Focus on the areas that are most important and informative
  • Provide that ‘outsider’ perspective
  • Help you to align your output with Osfted’s latest inspection handbook

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